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Thanks to the economies that companies that sell over the Internet can achieve, life insurance has never been more affordable than it is now - and the benefits are every bit as important as they have ever been! If you have never asked yourself how your dependants would fare if you were no longer available to provide financially for them, then life insurance is the answer to any concerns regarding paying off loans such as mortgages and leaving them with sufficient funds to maintain a good standard of living.  You can now buy policies online with the absolute minimum of fuss, time and bother, and you can even compare prices from many different insurance companies from the comfort of your own home but life insurance can be a complex subject so we recommend that you read this entire guide before deciding on exactly which type of policy you should go for, and please make that you read through every policy carefully before making a commitment.

Age and health restrictions

Up until 2007 it was not possible to get term insurance over the age of 70 but this restriction has been lifted and it is now possible for people over the age of 70 and even into their 80s, in some cases, to qualify for insurance. When calculating a premium the health of an applicant is a major consideration but some companies will issue policies without asking for a medical or any health information whatsoever; these policies can however be a lot more expensive than conventional ones, or offer far lower payouts, and there is usually a stipulation that no payment will be made if an insured person dies within, say, two years of taking out a policy.

Varieties of Life Insurance

The different types of life insurance currently available mean each policy holder can find a policy tailored exactly to his or her needs. This guide will look at some of the most common types of life insurance in the UK and explain what they offer; including information about any additional factors that may help in the choice of one policy over another.

Range of Monthly Payments

Each type of policy has its own level of payments, and there are policies available at lower rates where cover may only be needed until a pension or savings account becomes available to your dependants. These ”bridging” types of life insurance offer a peace of mind for the policy holder, creating a safety net should any unforeseen situations arise in the plans already created for paying off mortgages, retirement, schooling of children and other obligations.

Reasons for Buying Life insurance

The main reason for taking out life insurance is usually to pay off a mortgage and leave dependants free to continue living in the family home after the death of the major financial provider of a family. Secondary considerations include leaving lump sums to cover death expenses, continue the schooling of children and ensure an income for the remaining spouse.

We make no apologies whatsoever for repeating this point, because it is so extremely important: no matter which kind of policy is chosen, customers are recommended to read over the polices carefully; making assumptions instead of being certain of just what is covered and what is not can be a very expensive mistake indeed!

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