Is car insurance really cheaper for females??

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Every driver in the United Kingdom must be insured, have security or make a significant deposit to the Accountant General of the Supreme Court, against liability for injury to others including passengers in a vehicle. They must also have cover for damage to anyone's property because of the use of a vehicle in public places and on public roads. In the UK, it is considered an offence to drive or let others drive an automobile whilst on public highways without the minimum of third party insurance. To help ensure that this requirement is met, most UK motorists must display a vehicle licence on their vehicle.

Types of car insurance include Comprehensive, which includes cover if your car is damaged or stolen, injury caused by you to others and other people's car or property damage. Third Party Fire and Theft will only cover your car for theft, fire, injury to others caused by you and damage to other people's property or cars. Third Party also only covers injuries you cause to someone else, or damages to other people's property, including their cars.

Car Insurance for Women

The fact is, women are safer driver than men, and there are statistics to prove it. The Social Issues Research Centre reported that whilst women do make lower risk mistakes driving, men more likely will take higher risks like driving drunk or speeding. Although this doesn't hold true for all ages, because the trend seems to reverse once a woman reaches 60 years and older, insurance rates tend to rise. In general, however, because of the way women drive, and because they tend to drive shorter distances than men with claims costing less, they tend to pay less for car insurance. This is a big reason why women drivers are encouraged to shop around and research price comparison car insurance websites that cater to female drivers.

Because the car insurance competition in the UK is competitive, companies have tended to specialise in specific markets, including women only. Going to a UK price comparison car insurance website will give a woman driver the opportunity to look over options that are particular to female drivers. Car policies often vary enormously and can be determined by high excess and additional cover like courtesy cars in the event of an accident. Usually, the higher the premium, the more extras included.

As a UK woman driver, there are a range of benefits and services that you may want that may not be a necessary requirement for a male drive. This could include a free courtesy car whilst yours is in repair, roadside emergency helpline, child seat cover, handbag and contents cover in the event your purse is lost or stolen and free legal advice if warranted.

What To Look For In Female Driver Car Cover

As you are exploring comparing websites for car insurance for women, take note of what is offered on a like-to-like basis. Remember that because women have fewer claims than men, they are less of a risk to insurance companies. Therefore, you should be looking for women car insurance that offers savings of at least 25% lower than what a man would pay. Keep note of what you will have to pay if you should need to file a claim. Some quotes have high excess levels that are unnecessary and will only increase the amount of your premium.

Make sure that a courtesy car is offered at no charge to you. Many companies will provide a courtesy car for free if you use a recommended repair garage. Other insurance companies offer no courtesy car at all, and that could add up to quite an expense. Take note of 'no claims discounts'. Companies vary in what they offer for no claims, so look for those that offer substantial discounts if you have driven for a long period of time without a claim.

Check company payment options and what their add-on like cover for legal expenses are. See if the policy includes cover for travel within Europe. You should be able to tailor your policy to feet your needs.

Make it a point to go with a trusted company that carries an outstanding reputation for insuring women. You can often find testimonials and detailed information in the way of car insurance policy summaries on comparison car insurance websites, and you should take full advantage of those options.

How to Lower Your Premium

To keep your rates lower consider purchasing a car with a smaller engine or falls within a lower insurance group, avoid extras like racing exhausts, alloy wheels and other spoilers, look for discounts for lower mileage, add security features like immobilisers and locks that will help minimise premiums. If you have any previous convictions like speeding, be honest. Dishonesty could affect you down the road, because if you don't tell them and your insurance company finds out, you may be denied cover. If you can, pay off your premium in one instalment. Monthly pay-off will increase your rate.

Keep in mind as you do your research female drivers premiums do tend to be lower than male driver premiums, but providing cover for anyone also includes factors like the type of car you drive, the size of your car's engine, your age, experience, occupation, claim's record, where your car is kept, mileage, parking security and other points that will make a difference in calculating your premium.

By going to a quality comparison car insurance website, you'll find that these factors are also taken into consideration, and you will still end up with a better quotation than other car insurance specialty sites. You'll save money and time, because UK insurance companies offer varying quotes -- some better than others. If cover is needed right away, most of the time as soon as a payment has been authorised, policy cover will begin. You can also choose a date for your policy to begin, which will usually go into effect at midnight of the selected date.


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