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If you're involved in a car accident in the United Kingdom, or anywhere for that matter, there may be reasons that contributed to the mishap. For example, most car insurance agents will warn that inclement weather, which can hinder the conditions on the road, is a contributing factor to many road accidents. In the UK, drivers are warned to take extra care when driving in inclement weather. Motorists must remember that they are not driving under normal conditions. Keep in mind, avoiding accidents will certainly help keep your car insurance premiums down.

Another factor to consider whilst driving is that accidents involving cars are more prevalent on Fridays in the UK, particularly in the afternoon. This may be because Friday leads into the weekend, and many UK residents are rushing to leave for holiday. The Accident Exchange also reports that many claims are filed during the month of November. These accidents occur mostly on Friday afternoons. Another UK survey reported that many accidents occur on short trips during the busiest time of the day. This is because there are more cars on the road, and an incident is more likely to occur. In addition, most accident are likely to occur close to a driver's home.

Interestingly, another major reason for car accident claims in the UK is the use of electronic devices like Ipods, cellular phones and other devices. To avoid a road mishap and keep concentration at peak, drivers should leave text messaging or Ipods out of their hands whilst driving. In addition, if a driver is on a long trek, fatigue can set in making concentration less reliable. Taking breaks on long trips is quite advisable. Men distracted by attractive women they see whilst they are driving is another common cause of road accidents, believe it or not. Since men in the UK account for a large percentage of drivers on the road, this is a major issue in the insurance world, and insurance companies do not usually take attractive women into account when a road mishap occurs.

Most accidents that occur in the UK must be justified by the driver's insurance company before they will pay. Furthermore most likely any road accident will affect a driver's record, putting them at a likely risk of paying higher premiums. Unjustified insurance claims for reasons that apply to driver's fault are on the rise, and insurance companies are taking note and are carefully examining every claim.

For as much protection a UK driver can have, knowing when accidents are more likely to happen and taking precautions is a worthwhile tip. Also shopping around for insurance companies that offer the most flexibility is also a good tip. By shopping for an insurance company that offers the most coverage at the best premiums possible, driver's are likely to save a good deal of money.

To make sure premiums are as low as possible, other tips include making sure the car you drive has a record for decent mileage and is protected against theft. If you are a professional, you might find that you can reduce your premiums, if you can prove you are a responsible driver. If you're a younger driver, you might find adding an older adult to your policy will help. Keeping a car in good condition by having regular maintenance is recommended, because this help ensure that the car will not break down on the road, which could likely cause an accident. Also, by paying a higher excess, you might find lower car insurance rates.

By all means, keeping your driving record clean is one of the best ways for an insurance company to believe that you are a responsible driver and reward you with lower rates.

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