Finding The Cheapest Car Insurance In The United Kingdom

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Finding the right car insurance in the United Kingdom doesn't have to be a hair pulling task. There is a way find car insurance, which is mandatory, by going online and searching price comparison car insurance websites. Price comparison websites offer you the option of reviewing and choosing a car policy that fits your needs, and many will give you hints and tips on how to go about finding the right car insurance at a price that is affordable. Of course, car insurance can be quite complex because there are factors that are considered in the mix of determining your premium. They include the car type you own, the model and size of the engine, your age, experience, occupation, accident record, where you keep your car, annual mileage, parking and security, etc. However, the fact is, a good price comparison site will often provide better quotations that an insurance specialist site.

As you shop for car insurance, it helps to know how it works in order to get a better idea of what you should be looking for in terms of prices and other benefits you may need from the insurer you choose.

Questions To Explore Regarding Car Insurance Policies

If you are a seasoned driver or a brand new driver there are ways to save on car insurance premiums. Usually, the more you ask for in the way of add ons, the more you will pay. For example, a courtesy car is a nice option if you need to get around while your car is in repair but would you really need one? Check to see if the courtesy car is standard. Is it available if your vehicle is stolen, and do you pay extra insurance for the courtesy car? Is it guaranteed or "subject to availability"?

Legal protection can be important, particularly if you have an accident that is some other driver's fault. Can you claim back any uninsured losses from the person who is at fault? Legal help is usually granted only if it appears apparent that you would win in court - insurance companies will not throw money away on hopeless cases.

Is roadside service for breakdowns offered or is it an option you must pay for? And are you covered to travel anywhere in Europe? What about overseas cover? Car insurance policies for the most part offer this as standard these days, but there are still some insurers that will make you pay.

What is the policy excess, and are there excesses that are mandatory for malicious or accidental damage? The more you pay in excess, the lower your premium will be, and companies will usually offer either a compulsory excess or a voluntary excess.

Does the car insurance cover include personal injury, replacement locks and personal belongings? Will repairs be immediately authorised by the insurance company, and can you get medical and legal advice or counselling by telephone?

If you have received a no-claim bonus, will your status change if an accident occurs that was not your fault? Does the no claims bonus apply if you are on someone's policy other than your own, and can you transfer a no-claims bonus to another or second car? How does the policy offer protection of your no claims bonus? There may be a limit on the number of claims allowed scheme wise before a bonus is affected.

Ways To Cut Your Car Insurance Premiums

The above questions are important, because when answered they will help you determine what policy offers the most for the money you are spending to insure your car. Other ways to cut your car insurance premiums include the number of miles you drive, because many insurers base a portion of the premium on the miles you travel in a year's time. If the miles you travel changes for any reason and become shorter, inform your insurance company, and you could save money.

Take driver's lessons whether you are a new driver or experienced. Proof of competency taking a course like Pass Plus or an advanced driver course will usually reduce your premium -- sometimes as much as 30 to 35%.

Learner drivers - Insurers always like to have additional proof that you are a competent driver. Extra lessons with the Pass Plus scheme can cut motor insurance premiums by as much as 35%.

If you are a married male, let it be known, because married males often receive lower premiums than a single man.

Make sure your auto has a car alarm, tracker or immobiliser to make it as theft-proof as possible. Ask various companies what they recommend for security and how much you can save by installing one.

Drive safely by obeying the rules of the road and avoiding traffic offences. If you receive speeding tickets often, this will certainly increase the premium you will pay for car insurance.

Adding spoilers, changing wheels, colour, seats, etc., are additions or changes that could drive your premium up significantly, so keep modifications down.

Pay your premium off and try to avoid monthly payments, which can carry an additional fee of 12 to as much as 29%. If you can't pay the premium all at once, consider taking on a charge card that offers an interest free, introductory rate. This will give you a few months to pay off the credit card.

Three Levels of Car Insurance Cover

There are three main levels of car insurance cover that include Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Full Comprehensive.

Third party is a minimum cover that covers liability for injuries caused to other people, other people damage to property, passengers causing an accident, or an accident caused because of the use of a trailer or caravan, which is attached to your car. This type of cover does not cover you for damages to your car. It only covers other people.

Third party theft and fire is a bit better in that it will add fire or theft of your car; however, if you are found to be at fault, it will not pay for repairs to your vehicle.

Fully comprehensive car insurance protects against all listed above, as well as damage to your car that is accidental, medical expenses, damage or loss of personal items in the car and personal accident benefit. This is when a comparison car insurance site comes in handy, because some insurers cover basics, others add variants like courtesy cars and protected no claim bonuses. You may also find that some insurers will also include legal aid and driving in Europe as standard, while others will charge extra for these options.

Applying For Car Insurance

As you do your research on price comparison insurance sites, you'll need to have facts available to you when you are ready to apply. They include the car make and model, registration number, post code, where you keep your car,
annual mileage, type of cover you are looking, any claims or convictions you've had in the last three years, how you use your auto and any details if there are other drivers like their licence type, occupation, date of birth, name, etc.

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