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The United Kingdom has generally always had a problem with weather related insurance claims due to flooding, This is particularly true as of late, causing flooding to be one of the biggest reasons for homeowners in the UK to file claims. Predications indicate that future weather conditions aren't likely to get any better, justifying the reason to have adequate homeowner's insurance in the UK and to make sure your home is protected against the cold, windy and stormy weather.

Commonly, storm damage is one of the biggest reasons for homeowners to file a claim, so making sure your roof is in top notch condition is important. There should not be any loose tiles or signs of deterioration. If you own a holiday home, make sure that TV aerial antennas and satellite dishes are intact and secure. If the home has window shutters, make sure they are closed and safely secured.

Other problems that play a significant role is homeowner claims are frozen burst pipes, ceilings that have collapsed under the pressure of snow or wind and overall damages to furniture and appliances. To avoid frozen pipes, never shut off a boiler completely when a home is not occupied. Pipes must be lagged properly and any outside piping should be insulated with wrapping.

Gutters and drains that are blocked can also cause damages including dampness, which could lead to mould. Make sure the drains and gutters are clear of debris to prevent serious water damage.

It is wise to think about personal liability as well. Make sure your policy covers liability and keep your landscape, particularly walkways and paths clear of leaves and other debris. Have salt available for ice and snow, which are one of the biggest reason why someone may file a liability claim if he or she slips whilst on your property.

It is well known that theft is a huge problem when it comes to claims filed, especially if a home is uninhabited for a period of time. Make sure that the proper bolts and locks are in place anywhere there is a possible entryway for a theft to enter your home. If you own shutters, make sure they are reinforced with metal protection. If you've just purchased your home, change the locks.

Power failure and surges can lead to freezing, which can create burst pipes etc. Purchasing surge protectors can be a wise step, particularly for a home which is frequently unoccupied. If you're planning on being away from your home for an extended period of time or if you own a holiday home, ask a neighbour to check the power supply should a major storm occur.

Have an electrician check your home's wiring to make sure is is safe. Many homes are destroyed by fire because of faulty wiring and fires account for many homeowner claims. Also, make sure your home is fully equipped with smoke alarms. Insurance companies will make note of whether or not a home has smoke and carbon dioxide alarms. Not only could these small devices save your life, they could also reduce your homeowner's insurance policy premium a bit.

Purchase a homeowner's insurance policy that will protect your home from all of the above just in case the precautions you have taken all fail. Read the small print to make sure the cover you need is available and shop around for a premium you can afford. Your property is likely worth many thousands of pounds for items that are easily overlooked but which could be covered by a blanket home contents policy. If a claim has to be made, whilst the premium might be off-putting, you need to make sure that your cover is as comprehensive as possible and skimping on it could prove a very expensive 'saving'.

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