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The over 50 driver insurance market has, it seems, grabbed the attention of insurers for many reasons. One is because of improved medical care, life expectancy has increased over the last 50 odd years so today more than 30% of the United Kingdom's work force is over 50 years of age. This opens doors for what could be a very lucrative market insurance wise for this safer class of driver.

Drivers over 50 tend to be more cautious when driving than any other age group. Therefore they tend to file less claims for accidents, and their claims tend to be lower so car insurance companies love this. As a matter of fact, many insurance companies have created special services for the over 50s market because the lower the risk, the more an insurance company benefits. There are many price comparison car insurance company websites that offer incredible savings for drivers and they are very popular for the over 50s group, because they can see and compare deals that car insurance companies are offering in the way of third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive insurance and basic third party cover. Using a price comparison insurance website, the 50s plus generation is finding ways to substantially bring down premiums and save a great deal of money.

Over 50 drivers usually have years of driving experience that in many cases has been accident and claim free, which means these drivers are considered to be a low risk and very insurable, unlike drivers in the under 50 age brackets. Many standard policies for the over 50 group include amenities like breakdown cover, courtesy vehicle, emergency extra driver cover and breakdown discounts. That's why it is important to shop around on price comparison car insurance websites to look for low cost cover with many add ons offered as part of standard cover.

Price comparison insurance websites allow users the opportunity to not only compare prices, but details of policies are usually outlined, so that you know what your premium will give you. For example, details like compulsory or voluntary excess, special deals for seniors, courtesy vehicles, legal assistance, windscreen cover, etc., are detailed, giving you more information and the ability to compare different car insurance options.

Other options that could be covered as part of your policy include extra discounts for overnight garaging, cars that are four years old or older, cover for stolen or lost keys, no claims discount, twenty-four hour service for claims, speedy repair services, personal accident cover, discount for low mileage and 90 day cover whilst driving anywhere in Europe.

As noted above, because over 50s drivers tend to be more cautious on the road, they usually file few if any claims, and they benefit from this with care insurance discounts. The longer a 50 and over driver maintains a claim free history, the greater the bonus or discount can be, making for very low quotes from car insurance companies. Also, the over 50s driver tends to travel less miles than other age groups, and this means there is less chance of being involved in an accident. Car insurance companies will likely reduce insurance premiums because of this.

A Quick Review Of UK Car Insurance

The three types of car insurance available in the United Kingdom are third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Third party is minimum protection and is the cheapest cover. Third party covers liability for damages to other vehicles, not yours. Should you be involved in an accident, you must pay for your own repairs. This type of insurance is somewhat popular among those who have older vehicles. Third party fire and theft is a bit more extensive and covers liability for damages to another vehicle and to your vehicle because of fire or theft. Most drivers will opt for third party fire and theft, because the price difference between it and third party is minimal.
Many people who drive newer or luxury cars choose comprehensive car insurance as it include cover for damage to you vehicle. It also often offers cover for breakdown and replacement parts should your car be burgled.

Car Insurance Tips For Over 50 Drivers

Look at your options on a price comparison motor insurance website, keeping in mind that in most cases you will receive significant discounts if you have a respectable driving record. It is true that third party car insurance is less expensive in most cases than is full comprehensive, but should an accident occur, you may end up paying more in the end. Consider fully comprehensive insurance since it will cover you should you have in an accident with a driver who has no insurance cover. Regardless of the liability, if you only have third party auto insurance, you will often have to pay for repairs to your own vehicle no matter who is at fault; knowing that the other driver was liable, and proving it, can be two different things entirely! Fully comprehensive car insurance is worth researching, since you will receive discounts afforded to the over 50s market and the cover is far better than third party.

Some insurance companies will offer the option of paying your premiums through direct debit at no charge to you.

If you are retired, your policy should not state 'for business use', since you are not driving your car for work purposes.

Keep your car garaged when not in use and make sure you have a security system installed.

Drive a car that has a low insurance rating and consider limiting the people you allow to drive it.

Take an advanced driving course, and you could save as much as 30% on your car insurance premiums once your training is completed.

The 50 and over driver in the United Kingdom has it 'made' when it comes to great deals on car insurance. Go to a price comparison car insurance website and see the benefits and discounts that can be yours just because of your age.


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