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There are some drivers in the United Kingdom who own and drive very prestigious cars. A luxury car has inflated worth and usually cost in excess of 50000. For those who drive a BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche or any other luxury vehicle, Prestige car insurance for your high value vehicle is a must. To find this type of car insurance, it serves an owner well to research price comparison car insurance websites and see what is offered.

Driving a luxury car draws the public's attention where ever you go, and you want to make sure that the insurance cover you have on your car is comprehensive in order to protect it and keep its value high. Like other insurers, consideration is given to your driver's record, history of claims, maintenance and management

Because you are driving a very expensive car, some insurers will take advantage of you, thinking that money is no object and the sky is the limit when it comes to paying a premium for the best insurance possible. That's why checking price comparison car insurance websites is so important, because you too want the most for the money you are spending. Being cautious and checking what's available and receiving several quotes will help you decide what type of policy is best for you.

When you look for Prestige car insurance cover, keep in mind that speedy and flashy cars generally have higher premium rates than a standard car because statistics show that you are more of a risk for filing accident claims and these claims can be substantial - a Rolls colliding with another car is likely to do far more damage than a Fiat Punto!  In addition, when you drive a luxury car, the chances of having it stolen are far greater than your average car, and insurance companies are very aware of this considering it a risk as well. By going to a price comparison car insurance website, you can receive quotes, compare them and make an informed decision on the options that are available.

Eligibility for Acquiring Prestige Car Insurance

To be able to get insurance on a top quality car, you must usually be 25 years of age and have a reasonable amount of driving experience, and it would help if your driving record was flawless too.

Features to Look For

Comprehensive cover for yourself and others who drive your luxury car is one of the best features of prestige car insurance. There are also sometimes other benefits including the right to select an auto repair shop of your choice should your car be damaged, and you are usually given a free courtesy car until your car is fixed. All gadgets in the car should also be covered like stereos, DVD players and all other audio mechanisms. If the car is written off or stolen, you should make sure you receive the agreed estimated worth of your car; not the book value, which can be considerably lower. All legal expenses should be covered and each policy should be able to be customised to meet each individual's requirements. Depending upon individual circumstances it is often possible to protect a No Claims Discount even if you were at fault for an accident or no other third party was involved and usually full policy cover is available for European driving and European breakdown, although sometimes with a limited period or mileage.

A Few Facts To Keep In Mind About Prestige Car Insurance

To understand UK car insurance, you need to know that when determining a rate for your policy premium the value of your car is only one of many item to be taken into consideration. The Association of British Insurers claims that motor vehicle repair expenses account for more than half of money paid in motor insurance claims and factors to group an automobile include:
a) What your new car costs.
b) Repair expenses of your vehicle like labour, parts etc., after a crash test is carried out by a research association.
c) The acceleration and top speed of your car, as well as it's overall performance, handling, visibility, braking stability, etc.
d) What type of security you have for your car is extremely important and the factors your premium calculations will be based on will include the type of standard alarm system you have installed, and whether or not you have special locks that are installed by the manufacturer. If your car receives an 'E' rating, it exceeds security requirements. A 'P' rating, which is provisional means there was not enough data collected when the model was released. A 'U' is an unacceptable rating, meaning the security is far below requirements and needs to be upgraded.

Tips For Insuring Your Luxury Car

By going to price comparison Prestige car insurance websites, you are off to a good start in finding the best car insurance at the best rates.

Keep in mind that how and when you drive your luxury car will play a factor in determining your premium. If you use the car daily, you will pay more than if you only take the car out on special occasions.

You might also consider joining an owner's club offered to luxury car owners depending on the make and model. These clubs are great for seeking advice from other luxury car owners about insurers, upkeep and maintenance of your car.

Consider other ways to save on your prestige policy. For example, as noted, a special security system will help lower your premium. Also, think about insuring your car with the same company you insure your home with; sometimes the company will give you a special rate.

Always include all extras in your information given to an insurance company when you purchase car insurance. If you don't list things like premium sound systems, etc., they may not be covered if a claim is filed.

Driving and car insurance go hand-in-hand, and when you drive a luxury car, it's important to have Prestige car insurance cover. Begin your journey the right way by exploring the options available on car insurance price comparison websites.


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