Car Insurance For Young Drivers In The United Kingdom

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As a young driver in the United Kingdom, you may become quite frustrated as you begin the task of insuring your car, because it can become a challenge to find insurance that is affordable. Insurance for young drivers is often quite expensive, if you don't research and find price comparison sites on the Internet that will usually offer better quotations than specialist auto insurance sites. Car policies can vary greatly and depend on high excess and other add ons like a courtesy car in case of an accident, legal advice, your driving history and more. Your age, education, work history, where your car is kept, mileage, security, etc., all play an important role in calculating a premium. When you go to a price comparison site, you'll find options in insurance cover that may include some or all of the above and rates that are more affordable than you will find at specialized sites.

Why Can Young Drivers Insurance Be So Expensive?

There are many statistics that prove drivers under 25 have more accidents than any other age group on the road. Statistics also show that there are more than 38,000 people killed or hurt in the United Kingdom in car crashes in which a driver has less than two years of driving experience. Unfortunately, these figures are on the rise, and the UK government is trying to find solutions to relieve the problem. Ways to combat the problem that are under consideration are to raise the driving age from seventeen to eighteen and implementing a training session for new drivers. Zero alcohol drink and drive limits for first year young drivers is also in the plan, so that good driving habits are formed early on.

If you have a motor conviction, it obviously will affect car insurance premiums, and many insurance companies can and will refuse car insurance if they feel as a young driver, the risk they are taking with you is too high. More importantly, as a driver, if the worst happened and someone was to die because of your faulty driving you could very easily go to prison for a long period.

As a young driver, you need to recognise that you are a risk, because young drivers have more accidents than more experienced drivers. You might consider enrolling in the Pass Plus course, which gives you an education about driving and reduce your car insurance premium as well. For more information about the Pass Plus course and examination go to

Types of Car Insurance Cover For Young Drivers

Third Party car insurance in the UK will cover damage or loss to other peoples' property, but it does not cover you for personal looses that could happen. If the car you are driving is older or not expensive, Third Party cover, that should include Theft and Fire is not too expensive and worth checking out. Young driver insurance can also be purchased as Fully Comprehensive. This is different from Third Party cover in that it covers damages that might happen to your car, windscreen cover, personal accident for passengers and you, as well as audio and stereo equipment and personal effects.

No Deposit Car Insurance

If you are having problems affording decent car insurance you may want to consider paying for it monthly. No-deposit schemes are available; check here for no deposit car insurance from this site.


Some Key Ways To Save On Car Insurance If You Are Young

If you are under the age of 25 and preparing you purchase car insurance, it helps to know a bit about the car insurance industry in the UK. A traditional broker works on a commission, which varies amongst brokers. Brokers work on commission levels that can be quite different depending on how many policies the broker places with the same insurance company. Therefore, the more policies he places with a specific company, the less commission he can take from the person looking for insurance. One good reason to shop at price comparison car insurance websites, where you will find many quotes from many companies and use the knowledge you gain to your advantage.

Another way to save on your car premium is to choose to go with higher excess or voluntary excess on premiums. By increasing your voluntary excess from the standard 250 to 500, you may get a cheaper car insurance quote. This means that should your car be damaged and a claim is made, you are responsible for the first 500 in repairs, and your insurance company will pay the rest.

The more expensive your car is, the more expensive your insurance policy could be, because it cost more to repair expensive cars. Car insurance companies will give number ratings to cars according to type and model. If you are driving an older (second-hand) car and can maintain a clean driving record, you can also save on premiums.

Of course, following road rules and keeping your driving record clean will also make a positive impact on your car insurance premium. Too many speeding tickets or accidents only add to the theory that young drivers are reckless and are a risk. And, remember if you keep your driving record clean and drive safely your car insurance rates will be lower and, when you reach the age of 25, your rates will go down significantly.

In the meantime, remember to go to price comparison car insurance websites and look at a variety of options that are available for young driver insurance. You may find sites that offer comparisons on different policies, which will allow you to look for the best rates and terms and determine what is best for you. Young drivers have been reminded of the importance of getting proper insurance cover. As a young driver, you may not feel that car insurance is important, but it indeed is and both the government and the insurance industry are taking note of those driving uninsured and penalties are quite severe. Remember, if you are uninsured, you are causing everyone's car insurance premiums to increase; if you are caught you may find it impossible to get anyone to insure you, at any price, for several years.

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